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Our Hydrotherapy Tub Soaks are simply divine! The healing properties of this relaxing and invigorating soak with 42 jets kneading your muscles and organs is multiplied by oxygen bubbles that saturate the water. As the bubbles hug and infuse your body, your skin cells are energized and your immune system’s healing response is stimulated. The body also reacts in a beautiful way to the application of heat, the pressure exerted by the water, and the sensation of the water itself. Deep within the skin and nerves, hydrotherapy improves circulation and digestion, encourages the flow of blood, and lessens the body’s sensitivity to pain. Your skin is hydrated, soft and clean in a way that is truly next level. Every tub soak includes chromotherapy lights. This use of color/light therapy adjusts the body’s vibrations to frequencies that promote health and harmony.

Dead Sea Salt Soak with Jets

30 minutes $35

A wonderful way to release stress and relax tight muscles.  Salts from the Dead Sea give off minerals that are absorbed through your skin. Aromatherapy from essential oils are diffused into the air to calm the mind. The therapeutic touch from the 42 jets comforts you while encouraging the flow in your circulatory and digestive systems. You completely relax as oils’ scent encircles you and the effervescent water massages your body and organs.

Oxygen soak

30 minutes $39

In this divine and customer favorite soak, Oxygen is infused into the water during your entire session. Our Oxygen Soak is the ideal way to increase circulation, boost your immune system and get healthier more radiant skin. Promotes slow aging and deeper relaxation making it a great addition to any treatment!

ACV Joint Pain & Mineral Soak

30 minutes $35 

ACV has powerful antimicrobial properties that have been shown to ease skin infections and soothe irritation. It has also been shown to calm joint inflammation thus reducing pain. Since the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is added directly to the water, we recommend a 30 minute session in the infrared sauna prior to this soak to detox the body and fully open the pores to allow maximum absorption of the ACV. The jets can be used during this session to further ease muscle pain and promote relaxation.

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