All Facials include the Thermae Experience. Gratuity not included. Please give minimum 12 hours notice for cancellation.

Thermae Retreat is an organic, vegan wellness and relaxation retreat. Everything we do and offer is purposeful, so our skincare treatments for face and body follow this philosophy. Natural beauty, youth and vitality are reflective of our inner health. Thermae facials feed your skin using only the purest organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Our facials do more than help you feel good in the moment. They revitalize and renew. We use products in line with Nature, therefore they balance harmonically in line with You. Thermae facials go beyond “skin deep.” They give you what your face needs to become healthy. And nothing is better than Healthy!

Lavender and Chamomile Maintain 30-Minute Facial

30 Minutes $79 | 60 minutes $99

Skin types: all skin types

Because of its gentle and nourishing blend of Lavender and chamomile, this is a great starter facial, if you are pregnant or as a maintain facial every few weeks. It is cleansing, balancing and hydrating, and will leave your skin feeling refreshed for days after.


60 minutes $119

Skin types: all skin types

Our highest frequency facial! Your esthetician treats you with a synergized blend of organic herbs to decongest, detoxify, re-mineralize, tone and soothe the skin. This facial reduces redness, calms inflammation, maintains your natural pH layer, strengthens connective tissue and harmonizes your skin’s function. One of our most popular facials!


60 minutes $119

Skin types: dry, balanced, mature, wrinkled and/or aging

Plump and hydrate! The organic Raw Honey and Lime Facial is a  hydrating, enzyme-rich treatment designed to plump and soften your skin and refine skin texture. This restorative facial helps reduce the presence of wrinkles and naturally lightens age spots. 

Neroli and Raw Cacao Facial

60 minutes $109

Skin types: all skin types, except for very thin or fragile skin

Turn up the power with this super-high antioxidant, high-potency vitamin C rejuvenating facial that cleanses, feeds the cells, stimulates collagen production and protects against free radical damage. 

Clear Skin Facial

60 minutes $109

Skin types: oily, congested, dull skin; all stages of acne; all skin types

Gain clarity with this custom facial. Your esthetician weaves together a concentrated blend of organic plant extracts and healing oils to help balance, purify and normalize your skin’s pH. $109

Calming Facial

60 minutes $109

Skin types: rosacea, inflamed; all skin types

Thermae incorporates a holistic approach to systemic skin inflammatory or rosacea issues.This facial effectively reduces and clears inflammation that appears as red, spidery veins within the dermal layer of the cheeks or nose. Your skin feels calmed and soothed in a way that it simply hasn’t before. $109


60 minutes $129

Thermae Retreat is honored to use and carry the organic, biodynamic skincare line Starflower and Conscious Organic Nourishe Organics line. Products can be purchased in the reception boutique so you may carry this lovely experience into your home.

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