As you enter the Salt Room you will be welcomed by the gentle light of our back lit salt wall and over 8000 pounds of pink himalayan salt on the floor. Step inside and take your choice of sitting or laying back into one of our zero gravity chairs and snuggling up with a blanket or stretch right onto the salt floor and allow yourself some time to let the salt run through your fingers and hands. Pillows, blankets or yoga mats are available for your comfort.

     A typical session will last 30 minutes, you are free to move around through that time. Electronics produce positive ions and can be a distraction, so we do not permit any electronics in our Salt Room including cell phones, tablets, or smart watches (we do have individual lockers for you to keep your belongings safe during your session. Some guests like to bring a book, a journal or just enjoy the chance to catch a quick nap!

      For respiratory conditions, low concentration and gradual administration of dry salt and consistency of the sessions are the key elements for successful results. Visiting the salt room once or twice a week will enhance the lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and aid better sleep. See our menu for pricing options that work best for you.


1 30min Salt Room Session
$ 20


1 Adult & Child 30min Salt Room Session
$ 30
  • Add on Child ($10 each)

Restore Package

Unlimited Salt Room Sessions
$ 89
  • 1 Month Unlimited

Grounding Package

1 Month unlimited salt & sauna combo
$ 198
  • Unlimited salt sessions & finnish sauna
  • Infrared Sauna Cove & cold bucket plunge
  • Meditation room with soltec lounges
  • Full body massage chairs
  • Showers & changing room
  • Bottled water & Hot tea
  • Towels provided at the end of each visit
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