The Energy Body: Emotional





The Energy Body: Emotional

Characteristics: Regulates your emotional state.

Function: Delivers the energy that is used for emotions, allowing you to create context and meaning from your life experiences.

Mantra: Om Shanti Om – This mantra settles the emotional body and soothes the heart.


As the bridge between the physical and mental, the emotional energy body contains our emotional memories and patterns. This is where we begin to interpret and synthesize emotional responses to life events. It represents our feelings and relationship to all things, including how we react and respond to situations. Light detoxing, sauna and gentle yoga help to restore the emotional body.

This guided meditation can help you to “see through” your emotions from a space of non-judgement. As your emotional body returns to balance, you will experience a release tension, stress and anxiety, and feel more centered in your heart space.


Benefits may include:

  • The ability to feel empathy, openness, generosity and forgiveness
  • An increased desire to give without expecting to receive something in return
  • A balancing of cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels in the body
  • Regulation of blood sugar, blood pressure and heart beat

Two tracks.
Total Runtime: 35 minutes
Track 1, Intro: 8 minutes | Music by Dena DeLuco
Track 2, Meditation: 27 minutes | Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio. ©Dena DeLuco

Price: $15

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