The Crown Chakra




The Crown / Seventh Chakra

Color: White, Violet
Location: Top of the head
Meaning: In Sanskrit, the Sahasrara chakra means “thousand petals”
Function: Awareness, understanding, non-attachment, truth
Seed mantra: AUM

The crown chakra is associated with the brain, pituitary and pineal glands, and hypothalamus, which regulates the endocrine (nervous) system. This energetic gateway gives access to unity consciousness as we expand beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. It is the place where time and timelessness intersect.

Ready to experience communion with the infinite? This guided meditation on the crown chakra will help you:

• Reconnect with your higher, divine self and cosmic consciousness
• Get out of your head and release “earthly concerns”
• Connect with the formless and all potential
• Liberate you from limiting patterns and beliefs
• Open your mind and feel deep peace

Settle your nerves and awaken your crown chakra with:
• Violet light in-sauna chromotherapy
• Singing bowls and gong sound bath
• Cranial-sacral or Access Bar session
• Our special oil blend to open the crown
• The yoga asanas of Lotus Pose, Corpse Pose and Headstand

Run time: 35 minute minutes

Price: $15

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